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  1. Dear, I am new to the forum, and just signed up in order to request some support from line6. Here is my need: I am using the Mobile In device with a 64GBm iPAD 1, with iOS 5.1.1 (latest possible on that device). After a stolen laptop and a reset on my iPAD, I do no longer have the Mobile POD application on any of my devices. I have asked support to provide me with a version that would support my equipment. Here is the official answer: =================== Hallo und danke für die Anfrage. Das ist leider nicht möglich, ältere Mobile Pod Versionen stehen nicht zur Verfügung. Viele Grüße Olaf Schildt Technischer Support Line 6 Support Europe ----- and my translation ----- Hello, thanks for your request. Unfortunately this is not possible, older Mobile Pod versions are not available. =================== Thus, I am left to bin my Mobile In device or source the application (ipa file) via an alternative channel. Can any of you help me out there? Your support is greatly appreciated. Best Wolfgang
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