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  1. It worked perfectly ;) The ring mod can sound almost like a sample rate reducer anyway; ( works perfectly !) Thanks !
  2. Oh nice ! I never thought about that ! I'll try asap ! Thanks !
  3. Yeah, I just tried again the vintage digital delay, and the sample rate parameter isn't really strong at all, even at low value like 8kHz ( This is an audio exemple of what i'm looking for ; check the bassline and the delay https://youtu.be/0yRuDICAW3c?t=2m12s !)
  4. Yeah, I wasn't really clear; i mean a delay with a sample reducer included ! (A separate sample rate reducer effect could be awesome too !! ) EDIT: Well, it seems the vintage digital also got sample rate reduction... maybe i should dig a little deeper ;) !
  5. Definitely new reverbs ( the only weak point in the helix imho !) -A bit crusher delay ? - A stronger vibrato ?
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