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  1. So within a patch I can have up to 8 snap shots? If I assign a snap shot to each path that leaves me 5 snap shots for POG, tremolo, delay, fuzz and my EQ pedal. That could work actually. Cheers dude, food for thought.
  2. I'm not convinced helix can do what I need. With my current pedal setup I can switch each of my paths in and out as well as turn each of the effects in and out. I could setup individual patches but I'm concerned that there will be some latency switching.
  3. The Pog and the C9 need to be in separate chains and I need to be able to switch the effects in and out individually as well as the individual paths. is this possible?
  4. Perhaps I just need a bit of time with one for an afternoon.
  5. So the first block in each path should be a send/return so when switched on it kills the signal as the return wouldn't be configured to anything
  6. Thanks for the info. I think the LT might be enough for me, I should only need the two fx loops. How would I configure helix to switch on/off each of the paths.
  7. Hi guys, I'm new here but have been thinking about getting a helix for a while but never taken the plunge so it were. I play in a 2 piece band and play guitar with faux bass and organ tones. My current set up is Tyler Variax Morley ABC switch Channel A - tremolo, fuzz, pog 2, overdrive, box of rock, delay, guitar amp Channel B - EQ, Octave pedal (sub n up), tech 21 blonde with speaker sim off to bass amp Channel C - Bit commander, ehx C9, ehx lester k, guitar amp When gigging I take a head, 2x12 cab, bass head and a 1x15 cab. It's all very heavy and not the quickest to setup. I recently picked up a yamaha dxr15 and I'm getting some great guitar tones from it using my pedalboard into a speaker sim. Would I be able to replace the majority of these pedals with helix or helix LT. I know helix does 4 paths simultaneously and I think the Pog and organ pedals could be put in the loops and incorporated into the correct path. This would hopefully allow me to turn up at gigs with the variax, pedal board and yamaha dxr15. Is Helix for me? Given that I'm unsure Helix has always been too expensive for me but helix LT looks like a much more realistic solution. I need to replicate what I have above and be able to switch those paths on and off. Hopefully you guys can help. Cheers Fuzzblues
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