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  1. I bought my Helix in 2017. They had to repair the chip,? so it cost a lot of money. and it did work and i didn't do anything to harm the usb. So it was not a single usb repair. They also had to change the chip? Grtz. Girore
  2. Hoi, my usb for helix doesn''t work. I brought it to repair, they did repair it but after 5 months it did not work again. To repair cost me 389 Euro's. So i am not going to do that again. Is it possible to use MIDI to Upgrade the helix to version 3 instead of version 2.9? Thanks
  3. Can i use Line 6 FBV Shortboard MkII Foot Controller and Helix and how do i connect them. Thanks
  4. You can try girore, I did all the amps. Grtz. girore
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