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  1. Hi G-W-A, thank you very much for the information. :D Sounds good, i think i'll get one ;-) Cheers nuckel
  2. Hi there, I watched several videos on YouTube that featured the Line6 JM4 Looper and I have a good feeling about this looper because it fits pretty much to my ideas of practicing and hopefully recording stuff :-) I have some questions: 1. nowadays you'll normally get 16 or 32 GB SD-cards for a "normal" price. 2 GB is pretty much outdated and therefore expensive - is there an upgrade available to the JM4 hardware/bios so i could use any SD-card bigger than 2 GB? 2. I am a guitar player in a metal band. I'd like to record "songs" with the JM4 and save them as WAV files to my computer and than share the songs with my band via Dropbox: => Is it possible to save my recordings along with the drums-samples that are stored on the JM4? Or does it only save MY recordings/loops (means: everything i record WITHOUT drums)? 3. I want to record loop 1 = rythm guitar, loop 2 = BASS guitar, loop 3 = solo guitar und save all INCLUDING the JM4-owned drums to a WAV file that i can submit via USB to my PC (Win7 or Mac) ? 4. Can I change the instrument in between while recording the loops? That means changings the cable from guitar to bass-guitar..? 5. I read the JM4 has 24 minutes to record loops - is it enough to record guitar 1, guitar 2 solo and bass guitar? 6. Are the knobs are all really (still) made of plastic??? Or are they upgraded in between / made of metal (which would be nice for use outside the living-room ;-) ? Thanks a lot for your reply! nuckel
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