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  1. Definitely sounds like something I will experiment with! Thank you!
  2. OK, so I went back in and cranked all the settings down on every band. Only then did I hear the difference. However, when moving only one band, it is very difficult to hear the difference even with extreme settings. I'm not in the habit of REALLY twisting knobs like that to hear a difference. However, the effects are happening. Thank you all for your Help!
  3. It seems to be with Any of them currently.
  4. I was Just rebuilding some patches today and and when I tested the effect of a preamp EQ I noticed it wasn't much difference. I started to make a new Mono Channel Patch with no splitting or merging. I tested EQing before the amp to pre-sculpt my tone and I haven't noticed a difference. I am attempting a high gain patch, but I'd be willing to make a video and post it to show the lack of results. Maybe I will check the effect on a clean patch first.
  5. So when I place an EQ block pre amp, no effect is present (even on extreme settings, nothing is heard). it is only once I place it post amp is it heard. Why is this? Am I the only one having this problem? Or is this not a problem and was Helix designed this way?
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