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  1. I used the two tone preset and it is very close to what I am looking for. You can turn on two distinct sounds with one switch which is great when the songs I play are only two tones. Now if only I could set up four or five. My band has a lot of swirling landscape, guitar synth stuff that then switches to rock guitar, then to clean police like chorus, then sometimes to thrash metal, then to noisy old Siouxsie and the banshees leads. So the more flexibility to have four unique soundscapes within one patch would be perfect. If/when this issue is solved then I will worry about creating a good shimmer effect (there is sort of one in the reverb section now but it needs some real work to be similar to Eventide, Neunaber, FLux effects, or the Walrus audio stuff.
  2. Now if someone could show me how to build three or four chains in one patch so I could have three or four unique sounds to switch on and off with hitting button 2 shutting off button one as well as turning on button 2.
  3. Scenes would be great but I don't need anything as complicated as scenes as I assume it might take some time to develop. A simple latching system as a choice in a patch or even in the bottom four or only top four of the eight buttons I assume would take a small tweak to accomplish. My hope is some patch could be done within a few weeks. Of course this is wishful thinking because I am sure they have lots of things to work on.
  4. There is a possible future solution but it depends on Line 6 and how Helix is designed. Create a patch. You can have two amps and lets says an od, two chorus 70s, two delays, a flange, three reverbs. Ok, toggle to pedal mode. For clean assign one chorus, delay, and verb to that pedal, then assign amp to another pedal (just drive nothing else), then a lead with the amp, reverb and delay to a third pedal. Finally, a flange distortion reverb to the fourth. Perhaps this is already possible in which case I will be keeping the unit. Every company seems to use their own lingo and so perhaps I don't understand...which would make me happy. The problem is as I see it, there is no "latch" mode in the pedal mode of helix. What I mean is if I step on pedal 1, pedal 1 is activated and it shuts off pedal 2, 3, 4. I then step on 2, and pedal 1, 3, 4 is deactivated. In other words what ever muti-effect switch I hit all other switches are deactivated. Why would I want this? Think of it as multiple patches within a patch. So I just load up the amps and sounds I want, I switch pedals with almost zero latency (because I am just turning on and off effects), and I could have four or five (perhaps more) different sonic textures that are truly different in terms of volume, delay time, tempo, expression control settings because I have a unique block for each multi-effect pedal (so one patch the delay assigned is controlled by the expression pedal, in another pedal it is the reverb that is controlled not the delay. I don't think this would take up any DSP, and it would be a real game changer for me. Think of it as a virtual pedal looper like a boss es-8 where I program which pedals I have on my virtual board are going to be used when I hit bank 1, loop one vs loop 2.
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