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  1. I am running the latest update, even reinstalled it multiple times when saving tones failed. Right now my only working solution is to save to bank 1 in reverse order.
  2. AMPLIFi is a nice product, though as a bass player, I wish the speaker had a bit more response on the low end. So, hypothetical question. I have found a potential replacement speaker that satisfies the impedance requirements for the amp and has much better low frequency response than the original. Will it void my warranty if I replace the speaker (and _not_ damage the amp in any way)? Alternatively, I wonder if Line 6 service could replace the speaker for me? I would be willing to pay for the service if it means my warranty stays intact.
  3. I tried saving to user and sliding to bank 1, but as soon as I put something in 1A it is a guaranteed fail on the next start-up. At least in the reverse order it worked.
  4. Just tried again. Here is the result: — If I just save to A, it breaks every time. — If I save to B first and then other tones including A in any order, it breaks. — If I save to D, then to C, then to B, then to A, it doesn't break!!! So it works after all, but all combination except last are just breaking the amp. Thanks for the advice!
  5. I tried saving to B, it works fine. Saving to A breaks it all the time. I guess I will have to live with one less preset until Line 6 fixes it.
  6. This was the thing I tried. Sadly once I save something to bank A, next time I switch on my amp, it blinks all LEDs and doesn't want to switch on until I do a full firmware re-install. I wonder if my amp is defective then?
  7. I have exactly the same problem and couldn't figure out the solution yet. Hopefully Line6 will fix it soon.
  8. I recently got AMPLIFi 150 and am loving it. However, the default amp I am always getting after I switch the thing on is always something that I don't like. I mostly use 'Tube preamp' or 'No amp', because I am using it with a bass and running a DI box into AMPLIFi. The only way to change the amp settings that I know is through the iPhone app. Tried saving a manual tone in one of the user slots, but it takes forever to switch through ALL of the presets that go in front of it if I am not using the app. I wonder if there is a way to set the default amp and tone, so that AMPLIFi will always choose it when switching on?
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