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  1. Maaaan you saved my life (and my money, haha). In the Windows settings the mic was in 48khz and phones in 44khz. I changed booths to 44khz and all worked fine. Thanks so much to this tip, you're awesome!
  2. Wasup guys I'm new here, this is my first post and I'm brazilian, so excuse me if I write anything wrong... I have a TonePort UX1 and I never had problem, but after I changed my 1TB HDD to 120GB SSD some issues been happened when I rec anything. The records were in slow motion, with a deep voice and sometimes like a robot and seems like a RAM problem, but a I have 8 GB and my Task Manager not mark a high memory usage when I rec. But this only happen when I set to record and play in same device. If I set to rec in my Toneport but play in my onboard sound device all works fine. Anyone know what is happening?
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