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  1. Hi Guys, I was wondering if Helix by any chance can do global setting for one individual block? I don't think it can and that's what my one issue with it is and hopefully this can be address in the next updates soon. Just to be clear what I would love to do is for e.g. change the EQ setting on one of my amp blocks and have the same changes applied to the same amp block in all the presets. I do use a lot of different sounds for different songs so generally have set preset bank for specific songs with different delays, modulations etc but the same amp blocks. Now the problem is that I find myself mainly playing around with EQ in an amp block a lot depending on the environment I am paying in and then I have to keep doing the same for each and individual preset in the same amp block setting if that makes sense. It would be great that if I change the EQ on an amp block, then have the same setting globally applied and saved to all the preset for just that amp block so I don't have to keep saving the same setting again and again for each presets. If this can be done then would really appreciate someone letting me know how, otherwise if this could be address in the next update, that would just make this unit just super awesome for me :) regards
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. JLondon: That was the first thing I tried as well and turned off the trails but thats not solving the problem as you have discovered as well Ha. Zooey and Steevo: Thanks for your input as well. I am already using two delay blocks as you both suggested and I totally get why this is happening as this is exactly what would happen with any delay pedal if I changed the time settings on it. Seeing this is Helix and it can do a lot more things that no other pedal can, I was just being hopeful to see if there was a solution by any chance. Phil has suggest changing that setting in Global settings so I will try that and hopefully that takes care of this. To be really honest it's not a big deal and I can always keep using two delay blocks but for this one song on my set list, I have a lot of different sounds going on and I'm running out of DSP for this one particular patch, so would be nice to be able to use just one delay block you know. thanks anyways :)
  3. Thanks a lot Phil, I will try this and see what happens and if it solves the problem :)
  4. HI Guys, I am not sure if anyone has experiences this issue or this has been discussed before already. I use different time (ms) setting for delay pedal block for my clean sounds and solo sounds. The problem is that when I change from snapshot from my solo sound to the clean sound, there is this weird sound in between for a sec which is annoying. I guess its the sound when you manually turn the time parameter on any delay pedal while playing and it does this weird swoopy kinda sound with time setting changing on the pedal if that makes sense. The question is that if this is avoidable using snapshots by any chance? The only benefit that I can think of using snapshots over using helix in pedal mode is that you can actually use the same block with different parameter settings for different sounds. Pedal mode lets you change the on and off state of any block already so obviously the only difference is that with snapshots you can change the the parameter setting of the same block as well, right? My problem is that with all sounds I use, Delay pedal block is the main one that I need with different settings, all other pedal blocks I use are typical just on and off in the same settings for different patches. So if changing shanpshots with using the same delay block gives you this weird sound in between then it defeats the purpose of having snapshots for me at least. Some people might suggest to use different delay blocks for different patches and thats what I am doing right now but doing that I don't see any advantage over using snapshots over pedal mode though. If there is something I am missing on here, then any help would be great :) cheers
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