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  1. I must say that Line 6 have handled this very poorly. I went back to the store with my 75 but I would have kept it if I would have received any info about when the update was due. I'm happy with my Fender Mustang but they did indeed loose a customer with me....
  2. And whats gonna happen the next time Apple will do another major update?
  3. Only played for about an hour now but I like it a lot . Mostly cause it works... :D (I know that was mean.... My ´58 Tele sounds great in the '57 Deluxe setting. Theres 99 presets of which I'll probably never use more then 10.
  4. Returned my 75 today and got me a Fender Mustang III instead. :angry: :angry:
  5. I bought a 75 today but I have not yet unpacked it. Don't know what to do? I mean, I bought it play but I don't know when that will be. Tomorrow? Eight weeks? Can anyone enlighten me about the amps possibilities without the IOS device?
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