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  1. Pretty certain the MBP was pre-El Capitan days (Probs last version of Yosemite) – current iMac is 27" 5k model, running the latest version of El Cap. I’m basically trying full restarts every time it messes up in the hopes of a random fix, so yep, eagerly awaiting that update ;)
  2. Well, another attempt today and I have the Helix driver installed and followed all instructions and I still get regular audio drop-outs and the same behaviour so I’ve either done something totally wrong (Although I’m dim, I followed every step) or something within my OS/Helix/Every DAW I have installed is fubar. I’ve not tried any serious Helix <-> DAW stuff on this iMac before, only on a MacBook Pro that worked fine and smoothly, and was super excited to record some ideas, alas, 2 days of trouble and botched workflow means 0 creative output! Thanks for all the tips so far!
  3. So, if I close anything that might play audio (even if there’s no audio playing) e.g. Spotify, Chrome with Facebook/YouTube/Soundcloud open, QuickTime, playback is fine again for a little while, but the issue seems to creep back up after a 20 minutes or so. Then I have to quit my DAW, quit any current running apps, re-load my project and it’s back to normal for 20 minutes again. Rinse and repeat. When the ‘garbled’ playback happens, it affects everything that plays audio on my Mac, so if I’m listening to Spotify and have my DAW open, Spotify will go fubar along with any audio playback in my DAW. Helix is the only USB device plugged in to my iMac! datacommando – I’ll give the new driver a try and see how it goes, thank you! EDIT: Just to give a better description of how the playback gets mangled: it sounds like it’s been bitcrushed to death; super square distortion type sound making everything unintelligible, as well as harsh, choppy dropouts every 500ms or so.
  4. Hi friends! Having a weird issue with Helix + DAW and wondering if anyone else has encountered it: Latest Mac OSX. Using USB to direct record and monitor — all playback of anything I record is garbled beyond recognition (clicks, pops, stutters, dropouts, literally fubar). *Any* other audio on my Mac is totally fine coming through the Helix (Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud etc. etc.) and it only happens in a DAW. Confirmed that the sample rate of the DAW project matches my Helix settings (48k) so it’s not that either! Multiple restarts of Helix and Mac didn’t fix. Only happens when I try to play back from inside a DAW, but have tested with both Logic and Bitwig Studio – the actual recording from Helix is totally fine and if I use my iMacs speakers to monitor the audio it’s all completely as expected. Any tips as to where to start looking would be grand!
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