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  1. Hi, Line6. I have a big trouble. Yesterday i bought Fbv express mk II. Previously, I had no problems with amplifi 75. When I first time plugged MKII to Amplifi, my amp goes to “recovery mode†(all tone lights are flashing). My PC does not see apmlifi then usb connect, bluetooth cant pair with amp. Do not offer me: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifi-products/ampl/4-tone-lights-flashing-on-amplifi-75150tt-r713 How long will the problem with this amp.... we tiered. p.s. sry for my english
  2. poosh

    Windows app

    Hello. Dear Line6, will we see the first ever appication (like amplifi remote) for windows? p.s. sry for my english
  3. Guys.... Im broken.... Sory for my English, im from deep RUS. At last i bought amplifi 75, and i faced a problem. I can't be updated to use android. I have no I'OS, and there is no opportunity to find it. I have Win7 (64x) AMPLIFi Utility, she speaks to me: No AMPLIFi Devices were detected. I try USB 2.0, 3.0...without rezult. Support, what can I do? Step by step pls. It is expensive toy for Russia....
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