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  1. Hello, I've been a line 6 fan for a while now and I just purchased a Spider Valve HD100 amp head and coupled it with the MKII shortboard. My question is this, how can I rearrange the preset channels into the order that I want? For example, I would like to have my channels setup so that I have the Slipknot channel on slot 1a and then killswitch engage on 2a, lead o'rama on 3a and clean on 4a. Through the pilots manual I see that there are ways to create and store new channels in the place of existing presets, but I didn't see any section on moving/rearranging existing channels into your preferred order. I'd rather not have to go through and identify the channel settings for say Slipknot and then recreate the channel manually, store it in a new slot etc. Too much can go wrong and it will take away from the sound that I want. Can anybody help me?
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