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  1. Hello I am hoping someone can answer... I have stripped down my G30 transmitter and have built it into the cavity of my bass. It is working great... However I will have to change the 2 x NiMh cells I have in the cavity as well as their performance (hours) are dropping For reasons of weight vs. capacity I am considering fitting a single LiPo cell instead. My trouble is that I havn't been able to find specs on the G30 TX with regards to maximum Voltage ... Manual only says "2 x Alkaline" 2 x Alkaline is 3,3 V brand new and without load ...One LiPo cell is 4,2V fresh from charger although the majority of the capacity is delivered at around 3,7V So my question in short: Can a G30 transmitter handle 4,2 Volt ???
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