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  1. I would like to control the master volume fine. Because 1 watt in the living room something may already to much. Can you give me some technical backgrounds? If the potentiometer digitally recorded by a microcontroller, or simply changing the gain of the amplifier in the feedback field? What resistance (ohms), the master volume control on? log or linear type? Perhaps the fault is to be found here. Large 12 "speakers deliver at 1 watt of power a lot more volume than a small speaker systems. In addition, a smaller speaker transmits less bass and more treble what more would I also liked. I also like the smaller models Spider IV 15/30 good. But there is missing the entire FX options. That's why I bought the large 75 Spider.
  2. I would like to know in advance whether there is a way back or one way Are there any detailed release notes about the changes
  3. Or change the master volume potentiometer for a finer quieter volume setting?
  4. I have the Spider IV 75 bought, since he technically DSP offers more than the smaller models. But he is too noisy for the living room. I would not change/edit/save on every preset the channel volume. Can I clamp a power resistor in series to the speaker? What Value 8, 16 or more Ohm to decrease the volume noticeably. Or is the better way to change the 12" speaker to 8" a speaker. Sorry for my bad english.
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