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  1. I purchased a g55 rack mounted to replace a Samson but starting to wish I hadn't Don't get me wrong it sounds great whilst playing but as soon as I stop and turn my guitars volume down to 0 it sounds like thunder...like holding your thumb over the guitar lead Never had this problem with the 15 year old Samson and I've wasted approx £200 on new cables and a new aby box in all I wished I had just sent it back within the 30 day online instead of thinking it was a everything but the unit's problem Where can I contact line 6 in the UK for either a replacement or full refund
  2. tuner problems... silent tuning is not working...rest of the band can hear me tuning inbetween songs...how do i set it cos my old pod pro hasn't got this problem
  3. eddy2uk1

    original pod pro rack mount

    ive followed the manual .. still not working... looks like the backup has got the gig lol
  4. eddy2uk1

    original pod pro rack mount

    second button? is this on the original pod pro rack thx for reply btw
  5. Where can I source Phototransistor film strips in the UK I've found a few suppliers in the usa but none ship here My setup is and has been for the last 12 years is original pod pro and floorboard and recently had to raid my spare floorboard for spares I gig 120+ gigs a year and I'm worried that my floorboard will fail (only happened once in 12 years)