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  1. ^Yap, you can also update your amp's firmware with it.. I have a Spider IV 75, the firmware version was 1.04, i updated it to 2.0 via FBV MK II and it gave me some extra stompboxes and mods. Not sure about you, but i bought the FBV MK II for around 900 Danish Kroner, around 90-100 euros, but it's worth, totally ^^ Enjoy your Spider 120
  2. SOLVED : It was because of the laptop, probably not working on Windows 8.1, switched to a PC with Windows 7 Pro and it works. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hey. I bought a FBV Express MK II and I wanted to update my Spider IV 75 from 1.04 to 2.0. Now the problem is the Line 6 Monkey either says "error opening the midi port" or it just stops responding. Anyone knows how to fix it ?
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