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  1. That's in the manual: "Analog Outs - These Left and Right unbalanced jacks output all the audio from UX1 - The audio from your audio software on the computer, and anything plugged into any input. These are what you want to connect to your powered speakers or monitoring system for a recording setup. Use 1/4-inch cables to connect directly to powered speakers, mixer or power amp setup. Note that you can also use the headphone jack on the front of UX1 if you want to use headphones for monitoring." So, it's correct what You say, I must to use a cable with 2 1/4" jacks for the analog plugs on ux1 and 1 1/4" jack on the amp input.
  2. Ok it's Clear now, thank you man. Just a question, I've to use a 1/4 stereo (for The ampli input jack) to two mono 1/4 (for The analog plug L/R on ux1)? Or Just a simple Guitar Cable with one jack in The ampli input and the other jack in one of The analog plug ( or L or R )?
  3. while , if I use the headphone output on the UX1 , I connect it at the input aux in on my amplifier... it's right?
  4. aaaah , ok , you are talking about the "line inputs" on the rear of the UX1 , it's right ? So , I've to connect the line input on the rear of the UX1 with a regular 1/4 "cable directly into the input of my amp , where i connect my guitar when i play with the fender , right ?
  5. Maybe I've understand... I can connect the headphones input on the front of the UX1 to the input on the front of my amp ( the same I use to plug in my guitar in the amp, it's right ? ) with a regular 1/4" guitar's cable?
  6. My amp is a Fender frontman 15r, he has an headphone output jack, and an aux in input (stereo maybe) So I'm trying to connect the 1/4" analog output of the ux1 in the aux in input of my fender ( with two rca )... isn't correct?
  7. hello and thank you for the reply. I'm trying to route the ux1 in the amp only for use the amp's speaker, just this. I want to hear the ux1's sound from the amp's speaker.
  8. Hello guys, I've a question. Can I connect my Line 6 UX1 to an amp output with a cable like this for use the amp's speaker (1/4 jack to two RCA) ? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cable-Stereo-Phono-Jack-6-3mm/dp/B008R71FJI
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