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  1. I got a refund after second guitar was faulty and bought an epiphone les paul tribute plus and I could not be happier I will never buy line 6 products again the sounds were not spectacular and the Rickenbacker sounded awful batteries and computer chips just don't do it for me get a refund and buy a real guitar.
  2. thanks for that info but its gone back to supplier again they said they would send a new one out again and check it for the problem it had thanks again.
  3. hi anyone experiencing bad sound with the standard mine has been replaced and same fault is still there it sounds great clean but when using gain or distortion all hell breaks loose around the 10th fret and upwards it sounds like a very fast tremlo tried adjusting pickups for magnetic pull but still same also happens on all models but seems worse and its mainly on d g and b strings but all way up and down on g could this be a setup issue any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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