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  1. Due to some blanks was replace to my own tones and now I want to get it back in some.
  2. As above comment " pitch-shift FX to tune your whole guitar down a full step " pls. let me know how to setting .Thanks
  3. I got some tones that come from POD2.0 and I would like to use that tones but I want to know how to set set Firehawk FX some tones same as POD 2.0
  4. I have amplitube3 software ( may be install a new simple one if need ) but I'm not sure still need any special audio interface or not ?
  5. Possible to backup all factory presets to my tones in one time ?
  6. Due to limited 12 user blank then I need to replace some blank in factory presets then just make sure we can get back for all of them.
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