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  1. IOS 13.4 is finally officially released! Some good news at least! Thank You to all who kept updating.
  2. I just tested the newest Beta and the issue is fixed in the Beta
  3. I know it stopped working shortly after I posted the first post. I downgraded all of our ipads before they stopped signing the software, bought a bunch more form BB and ebay to get the older os but it is a bandaid and I need a real solution. I am going to try wiring the cables to use a cck, I have a bunch of the lightning and 30 pin sonic cables. Any ideas would be welcome.
  4. This no longer works, Apple has stopped signing the 12.4.1 software. The only other work-around that I found is to buy an ipad that is on the older software from BB or ebay. I managed to downgrade 15 ipads before it stopped. I also downloaded the beta 13.2 and it is not fixed in that yet but this could change.
  5. I found a solution but it will only work if you downgrade. I have tested 2 ipads and it fixed the issues. Google search downgrade from ios 13 for more detailed info, download the firmware 12.4 for your iPad model, sign out of the cloud and find my iphone app, then plug your ipad into the computer (I am on a PC, not sure about a mac) hit restore and hold the shift key at the same time, you can then choose the ISPW file you downloaded and it will downgrade you. I tested a 9.7" pro and an 6th gen and both are working fine after downgrade. Apple only signs the old software for about 30 days so do it soon. Hope this helps others. If you search for this "iOS 12.4.1 Restore Images" you will find the firmware. I am not sure if I am allowed to link it or not. Testing Air 2 is not working like the others, I am getting stuck on activation. Possibly Apple stopped signing will update. Hard reboot fixed the stuck on activation on the Air 2.
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