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  1. hmm... whats the difference, as far as I know the "aux in" is used when you have a guitar with active pickups. and "guitar in" for anything with passive. aside from the levels and maybe a bit more volume is there any other benefit you've found?
  2. same, lol I work with electricity all day so i know how destructive it can be when not properly hooked up correctly. I've been playing acoustic for about 15 years and just started my journey into the electric world about a year ago, Im still curious, though... maybe you might know, I purchased a super champ x2 head to get me started after about a month of using it with my helix ( IE, guitar --> aux in...--> Helix mono out --> amp input --> then from amp to cab. <--- in general is there a problem with this?? I experienced a pretty significant change in volume. when I first purchased the amp I could barely turn volume past 3 without it blowing my ears out lol, and now it seems like to get any volume at all i have to go up to 4-5. If I plug strait in with my guitar i have to turn it up even more. now one thing to know this amp does not have a standby switch as we'll it has a digital modeling circuit integrated into it. also i do play about 3 hrs a day. is this normal or did i just get duped into buying junk amp. i guess i would like to use my dual terror with my helix but don't want to fry my power tubes again which is what I'm guessing happened.... unless like i said before the super champ just junk any insight is greatly appreciated! I miss using my helix! lol
  3. yikes! thats good to know, This just open another can of worms lol. is there any solution to this, or any suggested way to set my rig up safely with out frying anything? I know it may sound a bit funny but I mainly purchased Helix for the multi fx capabilities. I would love to learn how to utilize the other features such as cab/amp modeling although I just don't have the money to drop on a modeling FRFR speaker cab.
  4. yo, so I'm pretty new to all of this awesome tech out there and helix is my first multi Fx processor ever! great place to start right! lol so I have a lot of questions regarding a lot of things but I have narrowed it down to my top 4-5 regarding the (4CM aka Four Cable Method) and Proper impedance levels throughout the chain. First question: "Im curious to know whether or not I can "safely" plug strait into my Orange dual terror head from the helix mono out then from my dual terror into my cab?" (my first guess is no since my old amps power tubes "which were new" went out within a couple weeks." any isight on my newbie mistake lol? Second question: (which is method I'm most intrigued about and would like to use). Regarding "The Four Cable Method...." so from what I understand there is a variable impedance option available on the helix, which I am unsure whether or not this is what I should be using in this situation (and how to set up), or should I actually use a Suhr reactive load box back into my helix. my configuration vision: helix send 1 --> to --> orange dual terror input --> from the dual terror 8OHM Speaker out --> to helix return --> from Mono out --> fender deluxe 1X12 8ohm speaker cab. the questions: - Will this work without damaging my dual terror? - Do I need to be aware and set impedance properly at the helix, and how? - Can I go strait from helix mono out to my speaker cab? - Do I need to use a Suhr reactive load box when routing back to helix? (ref. example one.) (all without damaging any equipment) Example one: (signal chain with suhr reactive load) Helix send 1 --> to --> orange dual terror input --> from the dual terror 8OHM Speaker out --> Suhr reactive load input--> from Suhr unbalanced line output "10KΩ" --> helix return 1 --> from Helix Mono out --> fender deluxe 1X12 8ohm speaker cab. any insight or help would be great Thanks! happy Jammin!! - josh
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