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  1. I was only using multiple interfaces to see if I could isolate whether it was the in or the out, I have tried a different cable but as I said it works fine with the other apps (AmpKit, Flying Haggis, Mobile POD and mostly Amplitube) so it wouldn't be a hardware issue as it would affect all the apps.
  2. I'm connected as you describe. I understand the extra conversion steps but this is the same when using the other software packages that don't have the issue. I've done it with a 2016 iPad Pro and 2015 iPad Air 2 As I said just playing around.
  3. Nobody else has this problem or nobody else has done this? It's the same on 2 different iPads for me.
  4. Hi All, I'm just playing around trying to use the Helix as an audio interface for an iPad, using AmpKit, Flying Haggis & Mobile POD work perfectly however any Positive Grid software (Bias FX, Amp, JamUp) on occasions Amplitube (appears it could be when using the Orange amp pack) I get severe clipping even at low levels and constant clicks and pops. I don't get it when using an iRig or an Apogee One. It appears it's happening on the USB in & out, if I use the Helix as the input and listen via the headphone jack on the iPad it's happening, if I use the iRig as the input and the Helix as the USB output (both connected via a USB hub) through the headphones on the iPad it sounds fine but through the Helix I get clipping, clicks & pops. I've tried all settings, the only thing that makes a small difference is setting to Low Latency from Ultra Low but not greatly and Ultra Low works fine with the iRig and Apogee One and the other apps. Any ideas?
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