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  1. OMG, wasn"t paying attention! Must have made a total NOOb-impression! :) I hope my cab's still ok... hard to say as the old flextone died...
  2. Greetings, "Iknowathingortwo" (now that's a mouthfull :) ) French, dutch, german, english,... you name it, we speak it as being Belgian, thanks for the warm welcome! It's highly appreciated. It is indeed a line-6 cab, and as you stated there's a switch 4,8 16 ohm mono/stereo... switch. It's one of the first, like the one in next link: http://www.musicgoround.com/p/238860/used-line-6-4x12-slant-cab-guitar-speaker-cabinet-4-x-12 But heaven help, I don't understand all those technical terms... I know when i bought it the seller told me the cab was 360Watts RMS, or 320 or 340, in any case it was over 300. :-) So if I understand it correctly I have to choose the 4ohm position on the cab to use all 4 speakers? Is it a good combination or is a 412 cab a lil too much for the dt25? greetings Liejp Ps 1: Flemish is Dutch, only the pronunciation is totally different (like english and american) :) :) Ps 2: As i'm a law enforcer myself, I'm trying to keep it safe here every day! ;-)
  3. Hello people, I'm about to buy a second hand DT25 head. I'm planning to combine it to a 412 cab I still have from my flextone II head. For I'm a total noob... Can i match those 2? greatings from Belgium Liejp
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