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  1. Great....thanks! I have a Warmoth Strat & their necks are superb & the JTV necks are....well, not so superb to put it mildly. ... Cheers
  2. Would a Warmoth Strat neck slot straight into a JTV 69 without any modification...?
  3. They did when Ace was in the band imho..
  4. Yeah mostly had one sound but used an old Korg pedalboard for FX in the smoking guitar solo. The poor pedalboard copped a beating- fake blood, kerosene, burning embers from pyro's, spilled bourbon & beer... even accidently slammed with a smashing guitar. Wouldn't put the POD through that..!
  5. Funny you mentioned KISS, i played in a KISS tribute show for 13 years & all i know is the minor pentatonic. ..if i was still in the band, i wouldn't even consider using something like a POD HD500X on stage- tap dancing in platform boots could lead to broken limbs..!
  6. Wow..! That's quite an explaination....i'm still picking up the pieces of my blown mind..! Thank you for your input
  7. Thanks guys. I replied too quickly before. The info you've provided is very helpful. Much appreciated..! Cheers Mick
  8. Cool...thank you for that, it does clear some things up. So it is possible to set it flat & then work from there, is that correct..?
  9. How do i use mid focus eq..? When i turn it on, everything is set to 50% (flat i assume?)...but even that drastically colours the sound..? What is the mid focus for & what can i do with it..? Many thanks for any advice..
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