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  1. Just received a new DT25 112 Combo amp and having issues. There's a very high/noticeable amount of electrical noise using this amp in ANY setting (any dial...i.e. drive, presence, volume, master, class A/AB, pentode/Triode, etc). The electrical noise only quiets down when you reduce the volume to too low a volume. Already at 10 o'clock dial setting the noise is marked....and every setting in the recommended Voice plastic cutout sheet that came with the amp is noisey as hell. Overdrive is a joke in noisiness. Cleans should be silent and aren't. Power cord is in a balanced electrical outlet and cables are shielded. I've had tube amps before in same wall socket/cables and none were as electrically noisey as this unit. It's deal breaking annoying. MY GUESS: 1.) Bad tubes 2.) Broken unit (i.e. needs servicing) Any advice?.....
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