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  1. right into the amp - no humbucker guitars. Now the noise is pretty quiet - when i had one chanel set very clean - it didn't seem to do it on that channel. we're talking about a faint noise... but it is just weird that it goes from dead quiet when my guitar is on "1" , to a slight noise when it is on "0". I think it is probably the kind of thing I can ignore but I also wonder if some fuse or connection or cap or resistor is bad in there? EDIT 12/15 - when I played it today, it didn't do this at all. mystery gremlin but amp seems fine (except for the rattling tube it came with)
  2. My amp (brand new) seems to work fine (except it came to me with a rattling EL84 tube), but I'm curious if I have a wiring defect or something. When I roll the guitar volume all the way to zero, a hum is introduced through the amp. If I tick up the volume (anywhere up off zero basically) the hum goes away and everything works like normal. The amp does this with three strats and a tele - all Fender Custom shop guitars. And none of the guitars do this on my tweed champ (when guitar volume is zero on the champ - it is dead quiet). So I'm thinking there is something goofy in the amp making this happen. Has anybody else had this issue?
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