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  1. The internet and a guy from thetubestore.com both inform me that 6L6 and 5881 tubes are the same thing. I've been running 6L6GC's for years. The problem in this case was the 12ax7'S WERE NOT 12AX7B'S. I put the old ones back in and everything works beautifully now.
  2. I figured JJ's were wrong. Too long a story there. I originally replaced the tubes with 6L6GC and they worked fine. What should they be? I always buy matched pairs. I have the old tubes and they read: 12AX7b (China) and 5881WXT (Soviek, Russian). IS that what I should get? Thetubestore.com when I called a few years ago said to use the 6L6CG and the Tung-Sol 12AX7. Which worked great for a year or so. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Hey All, I changed my Spider Valve 212 Tubes after one 6l6GC tube totally blew the the plastic vacuum seal. It also blew some fuses (of course). The last time I changed and biased the tubes I used thetubestore tubes with no problem. I just changed the tubes with JJ tubes and the bias was almost perfect (34.9 and 35.1). I also reset the computer this time. Now the volume when totally cranked up on both (channel and master) is so low my strings are louder. I removed the footswitch and all pedals just in case and it didn't make a difference. None of the pots are crackling. It does seem the tubes arent as bright and hot as the last ones. Any thoughts? Much appreciated, Iron Mosher
  4. I'm refering to the two tubes closest to the rear of the amp that are not in the metal housing. I looked through the manuals and couldn't find which tubes are which and I didn't have time to disasemble today. Regardless I might as well replace all my tubes while I'm at it since it's never been done.
  5. I have a 212 and might be having the same problem. Would this cause the tubes not to glow?
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