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  1. Triryche, thanks for reply. Since I am not looking for an additoonal investment into an iOS device, I better spend money for some quality amp/effect that meets my compatibility needs with common Windows PC (I own a Precision M4400 which has been serving me well so far). Sad news though: I was ready to go into this, it was exactly that what I was looking for, but compatibility is something Line6 should have considered. Might be there is some backround story with Apple there (in return for application, you have to stay with apple), but in that case, its a huge drawback. Considering how Microsoft does with oncoming Office 2016 and expanding compatibility for iOS and Android, Line6 missed the bus here. Anyway, thanks for quick and honest answer - and I go to pickup Yamaha THR10. Have a great Xmas and happy new year to all rockers! :-)
  2. Hello. Please can anyone advice. I am looking forward for a piece of gear in order to get more tones out of my current setup. I got an Orange combo already, simple 20W practice amp. I checked Amplifi TT and - well, it looks quite impressive for me. Except one thing: I want to know whether I can ise it with my Win10x64. Please no workaround line virtual machines or so. Please where I can get remote control app? If there is no support for Win10x64 there, I am going to pickup another model from another vendor. I can wait for some month-two, but not longer. Thanks.
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