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  1. Lol! Ya, I'm not too impressed with the BBE. I have tried various EQ's, it still end up with that tone knob turned down half way sound. Sounds great when I run it through a DAW-so I'm thinking it might be the unit. Any idea as to the distorted effect when I move ANY effect?
  2. Thank you everybody for the great advice. I have tried everything-I even did the tweeter mod (not impressed) and am using my BBE 482i. I have many, many guitars, all with different pickups, etc. for the most part from Les Pauls to Jackson's to BC Rich's. Problem is that no matter what I do, it always sounds like I have my tone knob rolled back 60%. Also, every time I move an effect, it momentarily makes a distorted sound. Are these things normal? Thanks.
  3. So I saw the video on youtube about the POD HD Pro X and the tech21 power amp 60. Sold my Marshal Valvesate and a few other things. But no matter what I cannot get it to sound worth a dang. I have googled my arse off and see other folks with the same problem. Especially on the youtube video. Of course, Sweetwater has never replied to any of the comments....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay8jiYWcCg8&t=12s
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