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  1. Oh . Thanks a lot. It was clicking the wrong import button.
  2. When I click import setlist in the editor(I am using windows), the only option in the select file menu if *.hlx file.
  3. I am trying to import my setlist(which was backed up using previous version of the editor) using Helix Editor(2.10). My setlist is of hls format but the editor can only import hlx files. Can I convert hls file to hlx? Thanks
  4. I have output of the path 1 (1A + 1B) going to the inputs of the path 2. And path 2 is further is split into 2A and 2B. If I send the output of path 1 to either path 2A or 2B, volume level reduces by approx. half. If I send the output of path 1 to 2A+2B, volume level seems fine. I am probably missing some information here. Any idea what is wrong? OR, is this how it's supposed to work?
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