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  1. Thanks all for the suggestions, yes just using a DI box for the bass is a good idea. It seems I'd be able to get this to work for just the 2 guitars without too many problems, I'll let you guys know how it goes if I do end up getting a Helix.
  2. Thanks for the help, I haven't actually got a Helix yet so can't try it out. I've been extremely tempted and the ability to do this might tip me over the edge! The bassist uses active pickups so it sounds like he could go into the AUX IN, then the second guitar could go into one of the FX returns? (or possibly just have them both going into returns). I'll then be using the XLR OUT to go into a mixing desk, this means the 3 guitars will all be on one channel on the desk so I wouldn't be able to balance the volume levels from there. I'm assuming I'd be able to alter the levels of the 3 signal chains from within the Helix?
  3. How limited would it be? I wouldn't be looking for anything particularly complex in any of the signal chains. The bassist doesn't really use any effects so it would just be an amp + cab model for him. Then for the guitars would you be able to have an amp + cab model along with, say; some reverb, a distortion pedal and a modulation pedal for each signal chain? I assume it would be difficult to estimate this without trying it out, anyone have any experience of actually doing this?
  4. Got a quick question for you guys; I've recently moved into a house which has an out building which would be great for band practice but I'm a bit concerned about the noise levels. So I'm wondering if I'd be able to use the Helix to achieve a silent band practice situation like this: 2 Guitars and a Bass -> Helix -> Mixing Desk Electric Drum Kit -> Mixing Desk 2 Microphones -> Mixing Desk Mixing Desk -> Headphones for the 4 band members. Is it possible to use the Helix for 2 guitars and a bass at the same time like this? If so how would you connect it up? Cheers, Matthew
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