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  1. Thanks for the response. It only happens on a preset where a FS changes one or more parameters. I experimented with a brand new preset that I created and the same thing happened. It does not happen when using a FS to bypass/turn on an effect. I am using the newest firmware. I did check the Global settings. I have not tried a reset yet as Iā€™m in conversation on another forum where folks are having the same issues and are more experienced than I, but it may come to that.
  2. New to the Helix family and trying to work things out. I have a Helix LT and have downloaded a preset that uses FSs to change parameters. The preset was built on a Helix Floor. My issue is that when I use a FS that is assigned to change parameters, ie drive setting of the amp or reverb level, my screen goes to the preset block layout and I have to hit the View button to get back to the snapshot / stomp view. Not really conducive when playing live. I realize I could create Snapshots, but the present was designed to be used in Stomp Mode. I have asked the originator of the preset and unfortunately it seems to be an LT issue. Any one have a solution for this? thanks.
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