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  1. webby65

    LINE 6 HD 500X

    you were all right just needs assigning on the presets thanks guys
  2. Hi Can anyone tell how to set a standard volume level on my hd500x. What I want to do is keep to volume level the same when switching between presets, i,e when I am on one preset I need to turn the volume up, then when I switch to another its to loud and I need to turn the volume down. Can the level be set equal for all presets? Webby
  3. webby65

    LINE 6 HD 500X

    Hi Guys Thanks for all the help, will look over the guide again and get back if I can't fix it. Just thought there might be a simple procedure to reset it. Webby
  4. webby65

    LINE 6 HD 500X

    Hi I have just bought a HD500X effects board I'm not the most technical guy in the world so struggling with it a bit, I'm also only a couple of years into learning guitar so no previous experience in effect or stomp boxes. Anyway my problem is. I've been messy about with the unit trying to understand how it works and some how I have disengaged the pedal. Meaning I can't control the volume or Wha. How do I assign them them back or put back to default. Thanks Webby
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