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  1. Tom880

    Fret buzz

    Thanks for all the info! Will look into these things right away. Oh yeah i was planning on putting new strings on anyway as it was a second hand guitar and the strings where old and dull. Should i put new strings on or should i fix the buzz first as i dont know of the buzz is due to the condition of the current strings..
  2. Tom880

    Fret buzz

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this but i couldnt find anywhere else suitable... Anyway.. Im a fairly new guitar player and i have been practicing on a cheap old guitar which was my brothers.. It sucked.. Inplayed it for a around a month and decided it was time for a upgrade and did a decent amount of reasearch and the squire affinity seemed to be a good yet cheap step up from whatever it was i was already using. I bought one from ebay which was advidised as "plays perfectly, barley used, like new".. That wasnt the case... I seem to have fixed most of the problems yet there are so many possible solutions for this final problem that im not sure about the way to go. So all my strings are fine when played open.. However when i play the low e string around 5th 6th and 7th fret it triggers a buzz onto the next fret a long. Ive read articles about adjusting the truss rod but i have looked and i really cannot see any bow in the neck... Also ive read that if done wrong it can damage the guitar and as im unexperienced im not too keen on tryin this if its unnecessary. Also theres the strings, I guess it isnt them as they would buzz when played open right? Adjusting the bridge height.. I dont really understand how this works so can someone give me some info.. Finally i read about having a high fret. By looking at it i see no difference but is this something you cannot tell with the naked eye? .. Any help would be great also any advice on the best set ups for a squire affinity would be greatly appreciated (strings, loaded pick guards etc).
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