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  1. Zentorz

    Helix windows app

    must be my browser then because short of the links you guys gave me, there is nothing but notes when I go through the software downloads. Thanks got it now.
  2. Zentorz

    Helix windows app

    Ok , feeling like an idiot. I remember having trouble the first time around trying to find the download for the computer software. I am in a circling line of death here. I look up the new Helix software for the computer & get sent to the notes for Helix v 2.11.0 Editor release /firmware notes. which sends me back to software download page. I have looked at Helix/Helix/ Win 7 , w/ & without Beta / archived ...Helix/all/Win 7 and all /all/win 7 . All I find is the Helix 2.10 firmware update....Is therre another version of the win 7 software past 1.11 ? sounds like there is but I can't seem to find it in any search in any section I have tried... Thanks
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