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  1. So I hadn't updated my Amplfi 75 guitar amp in a long time (wasn't playing electric guitar much). I started working my way through the updates. When I got to the third or 4th update, it basically froze. The circle is spinning but it won't stop. I think I let it run for several hours and it it still just spinning and not updating. I turned off my Amp (I know) and actually deleted the App on my iPad then re-downloaded. Its still stalled out. So no it reads its updating but nothing is happening. Any ideas? Thank you
  2. Yes, sorry, should've clarified. I am still exploring it all! Slowly figuring out the Tones section when I play a song off my iPad.
  3. Bought myself the 75watt Amplifi and trying to get some tones for the following: Ace of Spades (Moorhead) Highway 101, When She Begins (Social Distortion) March of the SOD (SOD) Malice in Wonderland (GBH) (yeah, I am reliving my youth a little) Or if anyone can direct me to some simplified, "How To" threads, that would be cool. Thanx!!!!!
  4. X-Mas gift to myself was the Amplifi 75w. I am looking for the tones/set up for the following songs/artists: Motorhead, "Ace of Spades" Social Distortion, "Highway 101," "When She Begins." Anthrax/ S.O.D, "March of the SOD," "Safe Home." Trying to figure this whole thing out. It is pretty cool!!! Thanx
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