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  1. I'm quickly starting to realize that. I am getting an Ipad mini 3 with IOS 7 this week. That should solve my problems. I'll only use the PC for doing updates. Thank you guys for the help.
  2. Ok did the ITune download and got the Amplifi remote to download but that is as far as I could go with it. Will need to call support this week.
  3. Now this is why all the confusion. There are lots of windows 8 and 10 supported items. Why is that? Both of those systems are not compatible with the mobile devices unless a Mac system is used. Why would anyone build something that doesn't work? So why have windows os involved in anyway? Do you see my point?
  4. I am trying to get my Amplifi 150 to run on my laptop. I did all the downloaded the Monkey and updater. I updated the firmware upgrades to the amp. Now I am confused by what is the correct remote app to download. I tried to download the Amplifi app through the store but all I get the ITunes 6464 download. I'd really like to get this up a running asap.
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