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  1. Hi - thanks everyone for your suggestions. Having raised a ticket and been told to perform a factory reset (one of the first things I did), I've returned the unit and should be getting a replacement next week. Lucky for me that there are some now available!
  2. Hi, thanks for the advice. I've just played the factory presets through a 1/4 inch cable to one of my Alesis active speakers and I'm still getting the 'fizz' which is really pronounced on any setting that has some gain. I have tested a variety of guitars, single coils, humbuckers and the clipping happend regardless. I've also played with the guitar impedance and guitar 'pad' settings but to no avail.... If it had tubes, I'd swap them out ha ha! Any more suggestions would be appreciated, but am coming to the conclusion I'm going to have to return it. Groan.
  3. Hello! I'm the proud and now frustrated owner of the new Helix. The problem I've been having is 'clipping' which is coming through the headphone out. I've upgraded my headphones to a set of Beyerdynamic DT 770 high impedance but the clipping still persists. Is there a global setting I'm missing? Even turning down the volume on my guitar doesn't sure the problem. Fingers crossed it's something I can tweak within the settings! Many thanks in advance... And I've just updated the firmware but no luck there.!
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