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  1. Its connected via the red and white wires (I forget the name). Going into the CD input, although the same thing happens whatever input I use.
  2. Yes, sound from both headphones! I guess that means just a faulty cable?
  3. Generally I just have the amplifi plugged in via the headphone jack, but with a mini-jack and an adaptor. This runs into my stereo system. Usually it comes through in stereo, but now only through one speaker. All the other outputs produce no sound at all. I tend to have the USB plugged into my laptop also.
  4. Recently my Amplifi FX100 has stopped producing sound from most of the outputs. I can get sound through one speaker when using the headphone jack as a line out, but apart from that, nothing! I have checked the jack leads, as well as my amplifier, no problems there. I have also done a factory reset with no positive results. Any advice will be appreciated!
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