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  1. I see, thanks So can you suggest me some good pedals compatible with Spider 120? Sorry if I'm going off topic
  2. Hello to everyone in the forum, I'm italian so apologize my bad english I have the Spider IV 15 by years but recently I bought the Spider IV 120 and I noticed some problems about distortion, if we compare it with the Spider 15. With the 15w i usually play some metalcore stuff and I managed to get that nice "djent" distortion with the insane channel (high bass and treble and low mid) if you know what I mean.... but with the 120w I just can't got the same sound. It seems to have much less distortion, even if I turn drive and gain knobs all the way. Moreover as I fiddle around with it, the amp does unbearable whistles and noisy sounds... So my question is "there's something I should know about this?" because I honestly do not believe that the 120w can't sound like the 15w... I already done the factory reset and nothing has changed Cheers
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