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  1. So I'm forced theoretically to buy the fh1500 to get all fuctions?!?! Hmmmm, well! On the packaging there is the note it works woth the TT. No hint the colour changes aren't Wirkung with e.g. the TT! I've bot the latest update... Somebody any idea?!
  2. Hi, I just got the FBV 3 pedal. Great stuff! BUT, why isn't it possible to change the colours of the LED's? They are red... but I tried the pedal at Muikmesse 2016 in Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago, and the colours are different... yellow, green... etc. I am using it with the Amplifi TT. Do I need a special software or what am I doing wrong? Thanks for answering. Greets from Germany Luzifer
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