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  1. Thanks phil. I rest my case. They sell an amp for around a grand and dont release an editor for it. They expect people on the forum to answer questions for them. Great products and terrible after sales service. Wether people want to use the functions on the amp is irrelevant really. If you want to use it, it should be easy to access. If you bought a car with a stereo in it, would you be annoyed if it was locked away in a place you couldnt get at and had no controls to turn it on and change the station? This is my point. I want the sound i want, have the tools i need to get that but its made difficult AGAIN! Its such a shame as the products are SO good
  2. http://www.vettaville.nl/vveditorspatchmannl.htm has anyone got a copy of this they can send me. Its called patch manager for the duoverb. My email is nickbarker71@outlook.com
  3. The duoverb manual gives all the different types of reverb you can change. Why would they give them if you cant access or change/edit them from either the amp OR the fbv? I am not new to this. I have xt live, xtpro, flextone 3 and bass xtpro so am use to how they work/edit. Always the same, great gear, nightmare software set up and downloading. I would like to use an editor to change reverb type, cabinet models and air models. All the midi info is in the manual (section 5.2) but NONE of these parameters can be accessed WITHOUT an editor. So still stuck and feeling a little palmed of . . .
  4. Can anyone help with what editor i should use with the duoverb combo? Im using widows 7 and the amp isn't listed in the legacy software download page! How frustrating!
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