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  1. Hello! I did fix this - try switching your sample rate from 44 kHz to 48 kHz in Logic (file, project settings, audio). This completely eliminated the problem for me, so assuming that you have exactly the same problem, it should remove it for you too. its weird, cos my POD manual says match the POD with Logic, but when I do that, I get that awful beep. really hope that helps, as it was driving me mad. Let me know. Mark
  2. Thanks for the reply! I had tried the line out to an audio interface, but couldn't get that to work, same with the headphone out. I'll try the rocksmith cable idea. Wish I knew what was causing the issue.
  3. Hi, has anyone else had this issue when using a Pod Hd Pro X direct into Logic Pro X via USB on an iMac? i can hear the Pod fine via input monitoring on the Mac, I can record with no issues, until every so often this digital 'beep' interrupts the signal. I thought it might be an issue with the digital to audio conversion not being able to keep up, so I have tried every value of latency adjustment in Logic (I/O Buffer Size) all the way up to totally unusable levels, and the noise still occurs. Process buffer range is set to 'medium'. Core audio is 'enabled'. There is no issue when recording other instruments into Logic via USB interface, just with the Pod. I have installed all the relevant drivers. My Mac is up to date. I have the output set to 'studio/direct' on the Pod. I have tried other USB cables. i have tried other guitar cables and guitars. I'm unable to reliably use the Pod to record with until this is resolved, and I have researched the internet for a possible solution for quite a while, with no ideas. I never used to have this issue, so something has gone wrong along the way. Please could someone advise what this could be? I'm going to have to part with this Pod if I can't get any reliable use from it. many thanks
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