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  1. Hy everybody.... i Had long Time Problemes with the Master Volume Encoder... i had to use it slowly otherwise it jumps all the time... i was disapointed... Today after looking at Youtube how to open a Encoder.. it doesnot matter for a Amplifier for exemple... i Opened the Encoder very carefuly and cleaned it with alcohol ( ysopropanol 70 % ) I closed it back and wonder ..... It works perfect... now i can use it very fast... it works perfect... Sorry for my english, i am from Germany Thanks
  2. Hy, Need Help !!!! I need The Main Output to Monitor for Exemple A&B Or the Main Output to the Phone out of the Stagescape... I cannot see any possibility on the Stagescape to root the Main Output to the Monitor or to the Phones Output. I Think i have to precise what i mean. the Main Out has a Compressor and the Monitor out dont have... Thats why i need the Main Out on my JBL Monitor and i need the same on my Phone and third for Recoring on a external device... because on Stagescape there is no overdubbing !!! But i have to be truth.. i love this Mixer as a sound Ingenieer.. Thanks a lot What we need on the Stagescape is: 1) pusch the Record button on the left side There you have the Icons of your Setup ( Tracks ) Pusch once on a Icon it wil litt red ( Than you can overwrite the track ) Pusch twice on a Icon it will litt green ( The Track only plays back ) This would be overdubbing in the same Recording Folder. 2) The possibility to root the Main Output to Monitor A&B or C&D and to Phones out. those are two Things i realy miss on the Stagescape Thanks.
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