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  1. Thanks Guys, I probably just need to play with the unit when I buy one, and in case I ran into a dead end I will ask you guys, and surely I will get my answer :)
  2. " FROM LINE6: ..........should never be an exhaustive dissertation covering anything anyone could ever possibly ask about a product. The goal of technical documentation is to entice the user to read it. Studies show almost NO ONE will read a 300-page passive voice wall-o-text. A bunch of people will read a concise, 50-page user guide with illustrations and active voicestep-by-step instructions. Almost everyone will at least peruse a full-color, glossy Cheat Sheet with pretty pictures. Helix's day-to-day functionality is 85-90% covered by the 1-page Cheat Sheet alone. The remaining 10-15% is covered by its 50-page (50 pages on purpose!) Helix Owner's Manual. All of it is backed up with videos, KB articles, blogs, and a metric ton of discussion on the forums. The reasons we don't include an exhaustive play-by-play on every model parameter............." Wow ! .... Out of interest for the Helix I have read most pages in the Helix manual but I surely miss many details. I guess if I had the Helix unit handy I could experiment the possibilities and have fun during so spending hours and hours of practical research. On the other hand why not use that time enjoying playing guitar ? In my job I often turn to reference manuals and whitepapers and I can assure that Line6 folks are correct when they claim that nobody will read 300 pages technical stuff for fun. However that is NOT the intention with a reference manual. If someone have a problem or want to go in debt with a matter you turn to the manual. And.... probably no need to translate to twenty languages. Musicians are "smart" folks :) Perhaps Line6 is also smart folks when they relay on the customers support on youtube, in forums ect, ect. Its probably just me, but I am able to find very few videos from Line6 about technical Helix stuff but quite a few commercial adds for the unit. But there might off course be much more in the pipeline. Please remember this unit is not cheap at all and the fact that Line6 promote their new baby as top of the line may call for proper support and documentation.....
  3. "The main reason we don't support SysEx isn't to keep two people from making their own custom editors—it's because our communication protocol is a lot more flexible, robust, and faster to implement than SysEx. It makes for better products." Great to hear, may we expect Line6 to issue a nice usable editor that present all programming possibilities to a PC platform ? Feel free to get inspiration from these guys: http://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/ The above editor for Roland GR-55 has made it easy to quite a few guitar folks to program great sounds and tweek parameters to its best in an easy way. Would surely also be an asset for Helix owners.
  4. Thanks for all your great inputs and thanks to Line6 Product Mga. Very proff. Understood and accepted. Only left is to check out a unit in real life. UnderDogs Guitarist :rolleyes:
  5. Thanks guys for your reply and great knowledge. Much appreciated. Just a comment, Helix is a complex box - a computer combined with DSP´s and a operating system. A proper reference manual would probably enable another level of programming possibilities as well as enable opensource programmers to make an editor interface that Line6 may not want to share / or offer resources for. Likewise the open source (free) editor software for Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth. Thanks again. ;)
  6. Hi Guys, I´m new here and I dont even own a Helix yet. Still researching if this fine wonder box is for me. :) A couple of questions: 1) I wonder if there is a more detailed manual available ? The current manual for download is pretty poor though it gives a good overview. 2) Does the Helix have options for alternate guitar tunings ? Can you program a block to Drop D tuning or any other tuning ? 3) I play through a Fender Vibroking. Would it make sense to put a Helix in front of the VK or is it a must to go through a PA ? Thanks for your input :D
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