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  1. Someone need to understand we do not have all the same needs... And personally, I'm playing in 3 band and one of then got so much work on different sounds change, the gap is a problem FOR ME. So, I 've got my answers!! Unsolved problem at this time, the 9/03/2016... And if i could find this information before, i would have expected to buy the helix! For me, line6 got a lot of innovative and good product...but Line6 need to understand we do not have all the same needs, and visibly i'm not the only one who would like to have NO gap between preset!! So, This time... Return and waiting the problem be resolve for me! Thanks everybody
  2. Yes it's possible and at this time, no gap... Same at the H500X!! But I'using a lot of different sound in one song... So.... My post :-)
  3. Phil_m : No, just guitar>jack>phones...
  4. I've tried again, again and again... YES NEARLY HALF A SECOND GAP!! Perhaps 0,45 seconde.... So... IMPORTANT to make a non marketing notice!! I bought a HD500X and nothing could justify a so big difference a price!! Sure, HELIX is a very good product , it's sound good, interface is near the perfection!! But I try to find information about the gap, I asked to the shop I bought it and I would like someone tell me : "You've got a gap when you switch between patches! Enough to be bad when you play live!" THAT' S A VERY IMPORTANT POINT!! Last point: At the beginning, I asked for HELP!! NOT to be taken for a fool or to cry I'm UNHAPPY! Just need a SOLUTION, PLEASE!!
  5. I did not take my stopwatch but I know that 's not good to play in live... I just bought an effect pedal for more than 1400€, the most expansive in the shop and there is some latency when I'm changing preset!! That s not normal for a product at this price!! And I would like to know if there's something to do?! Is there an upgraded planned or something? Apparently, the shop give me a model who was return by another customer, is there some model who are faster??
  6. Hi, when i'm changing the patch, for example 1.A to 1.B, there is half a second of latency... Is there something to do?? I'm already upgraded to the 1.06 firmware
  7. I ve done a ticket but no answers!!!
  8. Hello everybody... 1/ sorry for my english, I'm french... :-) I bought a line6 HD500X and really, that sounds good but as I could imagine... And when I change the patch, I had some big blank... So I decided to return it but I bought in the same time the HD model pack! I read everything... Going to the purchase history, desauthorise my line6 product... But I see no "return button"??? I send some message to line6, NO ANSWERS!!! Please help me!! Arnaud
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