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  1. Thanks derekeugene! That did work! I de-authorized my old MacBook when I installed Native on my new one (I had 3/5 devices authorized then), but for some reasons, de-authorizing yet another device did the trick! :-)
  2. Yes, I'm aware of that. But like I said, there are people using it without (m)any issues. And since even among those with issues, no one seems to have the same problem as me, so I figured that this particular bug isn't due to Big Sur. As I bought a new MacBook, I did not have the chance to chose which version of MacOS comes pre-installed with it.
  3. Hey guys, I recently switched to a new MacBook Pro M1 and while everything else worked great, I encountered problems running Helix Native. When using Native in Logic Pro, I'm able to log-in and it also starts the authentication process, but after that I'm stuck with this window. I already de-authorized my old MacBook and ran the Licence Manager on the new one. I'm aware that Helix Native not yet supports Big Sur, however, I've read that many people are using it without any issues, so I figured it might not be a Big Sur related issue. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks!
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