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  1. Hello! I see that when using the G10 in a recording setup/DAW there is a visible amount of “noise” being displayed by the audio channel’s LEDs. Just to check I replaced the G10 with an instrument cable and the “noise” was gone. Is this inherent in this device or is there troubleshooting I need to do? Thanks!
  2. I tried downloading that firmware file but it's shows as a .wuf file(what ever that is) and I can't open in on my Mac.
  3. Yes I had the same findings as you. It's very inconsistent. I'm waiting for a firmware update that addresses these issues.
  4. Thanks! Mine resides in a studio environment. It would be great if it could be left plugged in when not being used. I see the transmitter will go into "sleep" mode but the receiver does not. Is there any way thru a firmware update that the receiver can go into sleep mode when the transmitter is docked and fully charged?
  5. Hello I'd like to know what's the correct procedure for the G10 system when not being used. By this I mean do you keep the base/dock connected to power since it doesn't have an on/off switch to keep the transmitter fully charged or is it safer to unplug it, which seems like a pain? I currently have the unit connected to a power strip which I just power off. I noticed the LED on the transmitter remains flashing even when the base receiver is unplugged/off. I wouldn't think leaving the dock always powered on would be good for the receiver over all. Can someone from Line 6 please chime in on this? Thanks!!
  6. Hello, I have RED/GREEN color blindness and have a really hard time distinguishing certain shades of colors. The red and green LED on the transmitter is giving me problems. Is there a way to change these colors to say either BLUE and RED,GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE, etc?
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